Welcome to jay-jay.net

Thank you for visiting my private website. My name is Joachim Jautz and I'm a software engineer.

What can you expect to find here?
This website concentrates on technical subjects. You will find open-source software and some how-to texts that I wrote in my spare time.

I wrote a handy content management tool to generate these pages. This tool is called treewebber and can be found in the software section. With the navigation and sitemap links in the header and footer of each page you can hardly get lost.

I am modifying the contents of this website slowly but steadily. With timestamps on each page and the What's new? section you can keep track of the changes.


What's new?   [modified: 2013-02-24 15:08]  

Especially when re-visiting this website a glance at this page provides a quick overview of the major changes.


Software   [directory]  

In this section you will find open-source software. Most programs are meant to be run in a Unix-like environment. I'm using them both on Debian GNU/Linux and on MS Windows systems with Cygwin installed.

This section used to be hosted on this website. Since 2013 it redirects to my GitHub account instead.


How-To texts   [directory]  

This folder contains texts describing the steps that are necessary to solve a certain problem. These problems may be very specific but can be very helpful for people in similar situations.


Contact   [modified: 2013-02-13 09:59]  

This page tells you how to get in touch with me.